Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Age of Sigmar : Khorne Bloodreavers WIP

I've finished the test-model of the Khorne Bloodreavers
Yesterday and today I was able to take some pictures.
And I already started on 4 more ( that were prepared ) & prepared 5 more + the Bloodstoker.
Painted ; 215 / 250


  1. I am continuously amazed by the level of details in GW's Age of Sigmar line. It can be fun or a nightmare to paint. Hopefully it's the former for you. :)

  2. Me too , very amazed by the detail and very happy with the painted mini's. The only nightmare is the financial nightmare of this hobby. Prices are too high and are starting to ruin the fun.

  3. I agree. GW has already priced me out of their minis, more so the fact that my country's currency is dropping like a stone. :(

    1. And it's not GW alone , they're all pricey :(
      And if not , lesser quality :(


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