Sunday, May 31, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 82th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 82th edition !
 Not as much done as I would like. 
Maiden guard : Skin and metal : base & wash
4 more Avatar of war Doomcrushers : Metal & wash
Rest : No progress
 Also pictures are taken with new camera. 20Mpix instead of 5Mpix.
That is all.
I hope you have a great weekend !

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Avatar of War Doomcrushers Review ( Part 2 )

Here is the second part of the review with the painted model.
As so many of you wanted to see a painted version of these models, I pushed aside other projects to finish this one. And in record time I finished the model ( +/- 2 hours )! And I wasn't even in a hurry , I did some other stuff when I was waiting for the washes to dry... And now this one is finished I'm so tempted and anxious to start the rest of these bunch. Even the current projects on my paint table seem not to interest me anymore.
 And a comparison picture with other miniatures. 
From left to right : Mantic Ironclad , GW Hammerer , Avatar of war Doomcrusher , Spellcrow Dwarf female , Reaper Dwarf female and Avatar of war Beserker.
 5 Painting and time spent painting : 11 / 10
A +1 for the magnet space in the base. Very handy ! 
6 Addictive ! ( for me ) 11 / 10

Here is the link to the site of Avatar of War  to claim your own !
 Painted : 127 / 150

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Avatar of War Doomcrushers Review ( part 1 )

 Today I received my order from Avatar of War : Doomcrusher Dwarfs !
These look fantastic and are a great addition to my army / Hammerers.
This was a preorder deal with 30 miniatures and a free miniature ( Veteran / Champion ) for only 35 euro !
 Here you see a summary of parts for 1 group of 10 Doomcrushers. And the second picture you see everything that was in the box.
 This is the free model. A metal Champion.
 And I prepared a test model.
Removed the surplus , there is almost no work on this. I spent no more than 2 minutes cleaning and then 5 minutes of gluing the parts together.
And then primed it white and ready to paint.

So my findings :
1 Price : +/- 1 euro per model : 10 / 10
2 Look : They look fantastic ! : 10 / 10
3 Quality of the resin : For me superb ! : 10 / 10
4 Cleaning of the miniature : very fast : 10 / 10

See in the next part of the review the painted miniature.

Avatar of War Doomcrushers ( Part 2 )

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dwarf Twin sisters finished !

These Dwarf females are from Spellcrow ( Umbra Turris )
  I've painted these in the same color-scheme as my Quarrelers / Rangers.
 In the future it's the idea to convert a group of Dwarfs and give them spears.
I wanted to use Goblin spears , but I don't have enough of them. Or I have to find some other spears that are just as good. We'll see , suggestions are always welcome.

Painted : 126 / 150

Paint Table Saturday 81th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 81th edition !
Like you see , all Dwarfs are off the table. The 2 Spellcrowe female dwarfs will be shown in the next post.
For the rest :
Chaos knight : no progress
2 Bretonnian archers ; skin + some metal
And 10 High Elves Maiden Guard have marched on the table and demanded to be painted ! :)
I converted the standard a bit by using some bitz from the archers box.

I hope you have a great weekend !

Dwarf Girl with axe 2 & 3 + tutorial

Welcome to the Dwarf Girl Tutorial. This is a tutorial where I show you how I paint my Dwarfs.
As I don't do this as often as I would like ( or some of you would like ).
Always nice when someone shows you how they paint their miniatures. Or not?
First for the skin : Ratskin flesh , layered with Bestigor flesh and then washed with Reikland fleshshade.
 Here are 3 examples of hair color for my Dwarfs : Blonde , Brunette and Redhead. Washed with Agrax Earthshade.
 Pink ( Red wash ) and Red ( Agrax Earthshade wash ) for the dresses and then Purple ( Drucci violet wash ) and White ( Nuln oil wash ) for the cloth around their legs. ( don't know the fancy word for this :) )
 Glorious gold for the decorative piece of the handle of the axe.
 Balor brown and Mournefang brown for the fur and shoes ( washed with Agrax Earthshade ).
 Ironbreaker ( Nuln oil wash ) for the metal parts and Black for the handle.
And Ungor flesh for the final highlight of the skin.
Then the Pink is highlighted with the same Pink and likewise for the Red.
The Purple strap is highlighted with Lucius Lilac and the White one with White Scar.
Metal is highlighted with Mithril Silver and Gold with Auric armour gold.
Evil sunz scarlet was used for the lips.

Result :
 And the 3 together : Brunette , Redhead and Blonde.
If you like this post , please comment.
If you want more tutorials , do tell !

Painted : 124 / 150

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mantic Dwarf Ironclad warriors finished !

Today I finished the last 3 of the Mantic Dwarf Ironclad warriors.
Now the group is finished  and I can move on to the next project.
Painted : 122 / 150
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