Monday, January 18, 2021

Mantic : Terrain Crate : Treasure piles finished !

Part one of the scenery that I finished : Treasure piles.
They're from Mantic's Terrain crate : Treasury.


Painted in 2021 : 5

Sunday, January 17, 2021

W.I.P. : Januari : Week 2

I didn't expect to make such progress , but all 20 miniatures of  W.I.P. January week 1 are finished. I will post them separately during the next week. Before next Sunday they should all be posted here.

So for the remainder of the month I will have time to work on my entry for the painting competition at our favorite local game store : Oberonn Hasselt (Belgium). As we can't play and can't socialize at our game store with the covid 19 rules and all , the Oberonn organized a friendly painting competition for the community. 

Here are the house rules : 

Phase 1 : Come and collect your free Stormcast Eternal miniature before January 31 , 2021 at the Oberonn store.

Phase 2 : Post a photo of your gray Stormcast Eternal miniature at your painting table in the facebook group : Warhammer @ Oberonn Hasselt with the tag '#oberonnpainter' before January 31 , 2021.

Phase 3 : Post your end result ( painted Stormcast Eternal ) before February 28 , 2021 in the facebook group and submit your miniature ate the store (write your name on the bottom of your miniature) !

Phase 4 : Oberonn Hasselt is giving away a prize to a deserving participant at the beginning of March. There is no participation fee , but you must pick up and return your miniature at Oberonn.

Good luck to all that enter ! Here is my start of the project. ( Finished Stormcasts only for showing , witch color-schemes will not be used for this one.)

Assembled (kept the shield separate for better access).

And base-coated !
The painting can begin !

Sunday, January 10, 2021

W.I.P. : January : Week 1

Welcome to the first W.I.P. post of the year. 

So another year has started and I'm going for a new plan of attack. At the start of every month I'm choosing 20 miniatures / projects per month. This month I chose 6 Night Goblin Fanatics , 2 Tau Tiger Shark AX 1-0 Fighter-Bombers and 12 Scenery pieces. The Night Goblins and the Tau miniatures are from my massive W.I.P. pile that got started over the years , but the scenery pieces are new projects. This will be the mix I'm going for every month , with probably some exceptions. Slowly reducing my massive W.I.P. pile.

An early start to attempt to reach more goals this year. I'm going for the 'paint more than 10 scenery pieces' first. It's almost reached , as I only have to base 11 pieces to complete them. 

And some nice progress on the other mini's. The Night Goblins are almost done. One Tau Fighter and the bases are finished on the Aeronautica Imperialis mini's. Just purple and blue has to be applied to the other one.

That's it for this first W.I.P. post. See you all next week for an update.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Year Overview 2020 !

 Year Overview 2020

January : 17

February : 10

March : 21

April : 10

May : 29

June : 14

July : 0

August : 1

September : 0

October : 12

November : 22

December : 6

Total : 142

Another year has ended and it is time again to look at the goals and their completion.

Goals for 2020 :

Goal 1 : Paint 11 miniatures a month or 125 miniatures total. COMPLETED
Goal 2 : Paint all miniatures of 1 army. FAILED
Goal 3 : Build / paint at least 10 scenery pieces. FAILED
Goal 4 : Paint all WIP miniatures. FAILED
Goal 5 : Paint a complete starter box of 1 army. FAILED

Only one goal reached this year.

New Goals for 2021 :

Goal 1 : Paint 17 miniatures a month or 204 miniatures total. ( If possible 20 a month = 240 total )
Goal 2 : Paint all miniatures of 1 army.
Goal 3 : Build / paint at least 10 scenery pieces.
Goal 4 : Paint all WIP miniatures.
Goal 5 : Paint a complete starter box of 1 army.

So another year and the same goals for 2021 , except for the higher number of painted miniatures.
We'll see in 2022 how it went ...


Sunday, December 27, 2020

Bust : Candy Chan 2 - Angel of Death finished ! & Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year !

I finished a second bust of Candy Chan. She has an alternate weapon. I've also added a few elements that are not original. The eagle logo on the weapon and the medal on her jacket.

I went for a Goth / Metal look , with my wife's recent puzzle in mind. The Angel of Death from Victoria Frances. 

Happy Holidays ! ! !
And a very Happy New Year 2021 ! ! !
Let it be a good year for us all ! ! !
Stay safe ! ! !
And here she is side by side with my first attempt of painting Candy Chan.
Witch is your favorite ? ? ?

I have one more bust of Candy Chan left to paint ( same model as the first Candy I've painted (right) ). Suggestions for color-scheme / theme are always welcome. My thought so far is ... Harley Quinn ...

And here Candy Chan on her pedestal !
Painted in 2020 : 142

Monday, December 14, 2020

Super Dungeon Explore : 5 Baby Dragons finished !

 I finished 5 Baby Dragons for the Super Dungeon Explore game. Still one Baby Dragon and Mom Dragon to paint.

Painted in 2020 : 141

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

High Elves : 10 Spearmen finished !

 I finished 10 High Elves Spearmen. These are old plastic (one piece) ones I rescued of Ebay. They're missing their shields , but they hadn't any.

Painted in 2020 : 136

Monday, November 23, 2020

Dwarfs : 10 Doomcrushers finished !

 I finally finished some Dwarfs. It has been a while. But these 10 AoW Doomcrushers can join their brothers into the fight.

And with these Dwarfs I reached my goal for this year. I had a goal of 125 miniatures painted this year. And after a difficult year , I reached my goal. But as I usually paint around 200 models per year , I had hoped to reach my goal sooner. So I would have more time to attempt to pass the 200 models marker. This will probably not happen this year. As it means I still have to paint 74+ models in about 1 month.

And here they are with my first group I painted a long time ago.
Painted in 2020 : 126