Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dwarfs : Avatars of War : Dwarf Runic Smith Statue finished !

 I started and finished the third (& last , for now) Dwarf statue from Avatars of war.
The Dwarf Runic Smith statue.
It's painted in the same colors & style as the other 2.
Painted in 2019 : 227

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Aeronautica Imperialis : First Thunderbolt Fighter finished ! ( sensored ! )

I finished the first model of the Thunderbolt Fighters box. (1 of 4 complete with base)

I've censored the pictures as I've got some heavy reactions on them. Not on my blog , but on Facebook. I posted a WIP picture of Paint Table Saturday 306th edition on the Aeronautica Imperialis 2019 group on Facebook. Without any explanation nor contact , I got banned of the group. (And in anger I removed myself out of all painting/miniatures groups I've been a member of on Facebook.) So to avoid problems on my blog I've censored the pictures. 

I don't see the problem as this is a page in our history. We can all avoid it or ignore it , it still is a part of our history. Also I'm not the only miniature painter that chose this topic. I've seen it at KMK Scale World. Lots of German (Nazi) vehicles ( tanks , airplanes , etc... ) with the symbol we all know : the Swastika. This symbol is over 3000 (others speak of 12000) years old ( long before the Germans ). It is currently used in architecture & religion in the regions of India and it will be used long after we are gone ... 
The German colors of WW 1 &2 are even used in the same Facebook group that banned me (but without the symbols)! You've got to love those double standards !
Like this color-scheme & also camouflaged colored airplanes were used by the Germans.
But I'm glad I'm out of those stupid painting groups. Those groups made me aware of the world we live in and how the general public is. And let me put it very very mildly , it ain't positive. But I'm not going further into that. For me the world may end tomorrow ! 
Back to the project. This will become a group of 4 historical inspired Thunderbolt Fighters in the black , red and white color-scheme.

Painted in 2019 : 226

Warcry : Untamed Beasts finished !

 I finished the last 3 miniatures of the Untamed Beasts group for Warcry.
 Now the group is complete.
Here are the other miniatures that got finished earlier.
Painted in 2019 : 225

Monday, September 16, 2019

KMK Scale World 2019 !

Yesterday we went to KMK Scale World 2019. It's a yearly convention & competition in Mol / Belgium.
It was a beautiful day & we had lots of fun.
Here are pictures of the competition entry's :
( And no I've never participated in the competition , as I do not think I could win at my current paint level. And possible never will...As when I would enter , I'm in it to win it. )
Respect to all competitors , as there are some very nice and high paint-level painted miniatures among the lot.

From here you see pictures of the miniatures shown by all the hobby clubs at KMK.
These are just a small fraction of the ones shown there. They're the ones that caught my eye.
Inspiration for my Aeronautica imperialis Thunderbolt fighters , as here in Belgium were not that shocked to see historical flags !
 And the most interesting diorama ( also the smallest ) to see.
 Some overall pictures of the vendors & people.
 And of course me , myself and my lovely wife Sofie.
 And the loot of the day :
3l Airbrush Cleaner , various sizes tape and historical (Nazi) decals.

A fun day and hopefully until next year !
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