Friday, March 31, 2017

Dwarf Grudge Thrower finished !

 Yesterday I finished the Dwarf Grudge Thrower + crew and here are the pictures !
 I've painted them in the usual color-scheme for the Dwarfs. I gave them purple clothing to match with my miners (who carve the stones :) ).
Grudge Throwers, also known simply as Stone Throwers or Catapults, are powerful and destructive weapons that lob large boulders high into the air, sending them crashing through enemy ranks crushing limbs and armour alike. Grudge Throwers were originally simple stone throwers, used to command the approaches to Dwarf holds for many millennia. It was during the War of Vengeance that the practice of inscribing grudges on the rocks to be used as ammunition developed, so great was the fury of the Dwarfs at the betrayal of the Elves.

Even after the war there was no peace for the Dwarfs as hold after hold fell to the Greenskins or Skaven. New chapters were added to the Book of Grudges every year as the Dwarfs fell back to the surviving holds. They brought with them stone fragments of their lost realms and, reviving the older custom, inscribed them with runes describing the injustices done to them and laying curses upon their enemies. During the long siege of Karak Azgal the Dwarfs used these stones as ammunition, literally hurling their grudges back at their enemies. Since then it has become commonplace to carefully select and prepare the stones that are to be fired, with many skilled Engineers espousing their belief that the engine is only as good as the rock it throws — and therefore spend a great deal of time carving their anger directly onto the shaped stone ammunition.

Grudge Throwers are still used by all Dwarfholds and over the long years there have been many famous engines whose renown has spread far and wide across the Karaz Ankor and beyond. Perhaps most famous of all was the ‘Gob-lobber’, a legendary catapult which drove off a great many greenskin attacks during the Goblin Wars — although this was more down to the crew’s use of live Goblin ammunition rather than pure accuracy.
 Painted so far : 69

And these are the last mini's of my challenge of March !
M I S S I O N   A C C O M P L I S H E D   !
57 miniatures !

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dwarf Grudge Thrower + Crew W.I.P.

 Working on the last mini's for my challenge of March. The Dwarf Grudge Thrower + crew.
The Grudge Thrower only needs highlighting of the gold and minor details. Only did the base color + wash of the faces & beards of the crew. I hope to finish them just in time to make the deadline : tomorrow (Friday) before midnight.
 Even if I don't finish them before my deadline , I've painted a hell of a lot this past month.
12 Chaos Warriors , 10 Longbeards , 10 Ironbreakers , 10 Black Guards , Chaos Lord & 10 Phoenix Guards. Bringing the total (so far ) on : 53 of the 57 I planned on doing.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

High Elves Phoenix Guards finished !

 The High Elves Phoenix Guard are finally finished !
It was a hard nut to crack for me , but I made it. Another 10 mini's finished and adding to my display cabinets. They're doing their name justice , guarding my Phoenix
 Standard bearer , musician & champion
"Until one has witnessed the Phoenix Guard upon the field of battle, one cannot comprehend the power that they possess. Ranks of highly trained warriors all utterly silent. Around them the very air shimmers. They are not just the guardians of a temple, they are the chosen warriors of a mighty Elven god. No spoken word commands them, yet each knows his place within the battle plan. They do not baulk before even the vilest horrors of the world. It is said that each knows the moment he will die, and I believe it, for they face the maelstrom of battle with unflinching resolve. Who but one of utterly convinced of his survival, or demise, could face a hail of arrows, or a charge from some unspeakable monster without flinching? The horrors and the wonders they must have seen, these Phoenix Guard. How I wish they would only speak of it to mortals not gifted with such foresight."
Painted so far : 65

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 177th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 177th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 177 !
I'm still working on the High Elves Phoenix Guards. And I can't stay motivated enough to make reel progress on them.
To finish the challenge I've sett for myself , I have to finish these and the Dwarf Grudge thrower + crew and that before Friday. It's looking bad ... :) But I'm very happy with the progress I've already made and 56 models painted was too ambitious. I'm on 43 models painted (if you include the Chaos Lord) and the High Elves will probably be finished by Friday. So that brings the count probably to 53... So I can't complain by any means...  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chaos Lord finished !

 Today I didn't enjoy painting High Elves , so I worked on the Chaos Lord that was still on my table.
And I was able to finish him.
I painted him in the green color-scheme (Nurgle). He'll be the commander of the Marauders (also painted green / Nurgle)
And here he is commanding his forces.
That's it for now. 
Tomorrow there will be 'Paint Table Saturday 177th edition' !

Painted so far : 55

Thursday, March 23, 2017

High Elves : Phoenix Guard W.I.P : test-model finished

 Today I finished the test-model for the Phoenix Guards.
I apologize for the bad pictures. I'm tired and so is my old camera (+ insufficient lighting).
I'll make better pictures when the group is finished and show them off.  
 So , one down 9 to go ...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

High Elves Phoenix Guard ... Quick W.I.P.

A quick w.i.p. of the Phoenix Guard.
And they're on fire !
 The outside of the cloak is finished except for the final highlight. The fire is finished. 
And a closer look of the banner.
That's it for now. More progress (or finished models / optimistic) in a few days.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

High Elves Black Guard finished !

Today I finished the Black Guard Elves from yesterday's paint table.
And they're magnetized on the base.
The Black Guard of Naggarond - or just Black Guard are the personal regiments of the Witch King Malekith. As well as being Malekith's personal guard they form the elite forces of Naggarond's garrison. Their primary weapons are halberds and are equipped with heavier armour than the civilian forces. They are the Dark Elves' greatest infantry unit, feared for their discipline and great hatred.

The Black Guard are recruited at birth from families in the Witch King's favour. These children are then educated at one of twenty Tower barracks. The would-be guards are routinely visited by the Witch King himself.

At graduation each aspirant swears fealty to the Witch King for a period of 200 years. Those that survive this tour are rewarded with lands and wealth, many then becoming rulers, generals and members of Malekith's court. Some Dark Elves choose to remain as Black Guard beyond the 200 years, of these the twenty greatest are the Tower Masters.

A status of rivalry exists between the twenty towers; annually, during the Season of Blood, the tower masters host a tournament, the winning Tower dominates the force for that year. Life at these institutions is brutal and it is not unheard of that half of a given round of recruits perishes before their graduation.
 And a family picture with some other High Elves groups.
 The Swordmasters of Hoeth & the Maiden Guard.

Painted so far : 54
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