Saturday, June 28, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 34th time !

Paint Table Saturday 34th edition !

There is nothing on the paint table as I finished Vanja Yesterday.
So I used the opportunity to show my Dwarf army so far.
First picture is my Dwarf army from the Iron hills ( grey base ) so far ...
Second picture is my Main Dwarf army with their home.
The rest are detail pictures of the main force.

Have a great weekend !

Friday, June 27, 2014

Vanja the Dwarf Fire Princess ( Giant / Titan )

Today I finished Vanja the Giant Dwarf Fire Prinsess ( Reaper Vanja Giant Fire Queen ).
She will be one of the centerpieces of my Dwarf army of the Iron hills. ( grey base )
It is the first time I really used glazes.
I glazed her hair , the cape & for the glow effect on the spear.
Here are the pictures :

And of course , she's a fiery redhead !

Here an other picture for size comparison.
From left to right : Freja , Vanja , Longbeard warrior.

Painted : 109 / 125

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dwarf Longbeards finished !

Today I finished the 10 Dwarf Longbeards.
It took me a long time but I finished them.
Here are some pictures as promised :

Painted : 108 / 125

Paint Table Saturday 33th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 33th edition !

Today I finished the 10 Dwarf Longbeards.
( More pictures at the next post )

That is all I have done these last weeks. 
I didn't had much time to paint, work comes first.
Unfortunately ...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 32th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 32th edition !

Not much progress as you see. It was too hot to paint this week. 
Paint almost instantly dried on the brush.  
I managed to finish the heads and started on the axe-arms.

Have a great weekend ! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 31th time !

Paint Table Saturday 31th time !

Today on my workbench ... 
( you'll never guess )

Dwarves again !!
10 Dwarf Longbeards to be exactly ...

The body's are ready. The heads are at 60% & the rest at 10%.
So still a lot of work to do !

Have a great weekend !

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grimm Burloksson & Freja Fangbreaker Finished !

Today I finished 2 Dwarf Captains.

Grimm Burlocksson ( Captain of the Thunderers ) &
Freja Fangbreaker ( Captain of the Iron Hills Dwarfs ( Grey bases , 10 Hammerers + 10 Quarrellers so far)).
Here are some pictures :

I wanted a female Captain and since Games Workshop does not have any female Dwarfs I turned to Reaper to find what I was looking for.

Painted : 98 / 125
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