Saturday, January 31, 2015

10 Dwarf Irondrakes finished !

Yesterday I finished 10 Dwarf Irondrakes. 
They have the same color-scheme as the Ironhill Dwarfs except the red dragons.
For the rest 2 standard-bearers , musician and champion and 2 with special weapons. 
This brings the total for this month on 31 miniatures. 1 for every day.
Not bad ... if I do say so myself !

Painted : 31 / 150

Monday, January 26, 2015

New WIP's

Today I've started 4 new WIP's.
Two groups of Dwarves : 10 Irondrakes & 10 Iron breakers.
I've started to make the bodies and base coated them white. Next step airbrushing armor.
And two High Elves birds ; the Flamespire Phoenix and the Frostheart Phoenix.
They're just assembled and magnetized the small pieces behind their necks so I can place the rider on both birds. ( wings and tail are not glued for better access with the airbrush )

5 more Skaven clanrats finished !

5 more Skaven Clanrats finished !
Yesterday i finished 5 Clanrats. These took a bit longer as i washed the armor with black wash instead of brown and had to repaint.
 Here a group picture of the Skaven army so far...
10 Clanrats & an Ogre.

Painted : 21 / 150

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bretonnian Men at arms finished !

I'm in a productive mood today as I finished 2 Bretonnian Men at arms. And by doing so also finished the complete warband as I'm planning to make my army this way in 8 different color-schemes. A Knight , 2 Archers and 2 Men at arms .... for now ... up to the next color-scheme : purple and ? 

Painted : 16 / 150

Skaven Rat Ogre finished !

Yesterday I finished the first Skaven Rat Ogre from the Island of blood box.
I used the same color-scheme as the clanrats with one detail changed. I divided the skin in two parts : fur and skin. The skin is the same as the clanrats and the fur is also the same except I didn't do the final highlight color , but I used the middle color to highlight the fur. So the fur looks a bit darker.

Painted : 14 / 150

Paint Table Saturday 64th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 64th edition !

This week on the paint table :
Brettonian Men at arms : 2 Men at arms 70% finished in the yellow and blue color-scheme.
Brettonian Knight : no progress.
Bretonnian Archers : 2 archers in progress. First new color : purple !
Skaven : 5 Clanrats in progress , +/- 40% finished.
Skaven Rat Ogre : Finished ! ( pictures in the next post )

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

High Elves Witch Elves finished !

Today I finished the remaining 5 Witch Elves.
They sat long enough on the paint table. I also made the tray and magnetized the whole thing.
Here are some pictures and at the end some group pictures :

Painted : 13 / 150
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