Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 264th edition CANCELED !

Because of kidney stones !

All is well now , but edition 264 is canceled.
As for Paint Table Saturday , see you all next Saturday for the 265th edition !

Monday, November 19, 2018

Scenery finished !

As promised more pictures of the scenery that I finished.

Speed Freaks Scrap-piles :
Small scrap-pile
Medium scrap-pile
 Old Barricades
Speed Freaks Barricades :
Mantic Scenery :
( from the Dungeon debris & Battle objectives boxes )
 Burning wood-pile
 Crates & boxes
Painted in 2018 : 204

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 263th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 263th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 263 !

I've pushed the Orks aside for a moment and started this week on some scenery after finishing the Scrapjet of course.
I've started on the barricades and scrap-piles of the Speed Freaks box ( I also included 3 of 6 old Ork barricades , as I can't find the other 3 to complete the set ). I also started on some scenery from 2 terrain crates from Mantic. The Battle objectives box & Dungeon debris box.
 This is what I still have to do ... 11 Mantic scenery pieces and the biggest scrap-pile.
11 Scenery pieces finished... They will be seen in the next posts...

That's it for this weeks paint table. See you all next week !

Thursday, November 15, 2018

40K Orks : Speed Freaks : Megatrakk Scrapjet finished !

Another 40K Ork vehicle finished ! The Megatrakk Scrapjet !
This is the second one finished.
Still 4 to go...
And lots of bikes...
Painted in 2018 : 193

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 262th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 262th edition !
Welcome to paint table 262 !
Again not much done this week. Just on Saturday I started on decorating my storage cabinets. 
I gave them a fresh color and some decorations with stencils and the airbrush.
Trying to raise my motivation for painting and get some experience with stencils. 
On the miniature front , I started on the Megatrakk Scrapjet today. Assembled it and started painting.
On the other miniatures I only added the yellow armour ( base , layer and wash ).

That's it for this week. 
I'm falling behind on schedule again. I still have to paint 8 mini's for October and together with the 20 for this month that's 28 mini's in 19 days , with me not really in a painting mood. So I'll probably have to try to catch it up in the end ... December ... 48 - the ones I paint until then. We'll see...
See you all next week for a new edition and hopefully many painted mini's !
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