Sunday, March 19, 2017

High Elves Black Guard finished !

Today I finished the Black Guard Elves from yesterday's paint table.
And they're magnetized on the base.
The Black Guard of Naggarond - or just Black Guard are the personal regiments of the Witch King Malekith. As well as being Malekith's personal guard they form the elite forces of Naggarond's garrison. Their primary weapons are halberds and are equipped with heavier armour than the civilian forces. They are the Dark Elves' greatest infantry unit, feared for their discipline and great hatred.

The Black Guard are recruited at birth from families in the Witch King's favour. These children are then educated at one of twenty Tower barracks. The would-be guards are routinely visited by the Witch King himself.

At graduation each aspirant swears fealty to the Witch King for a period of 200 years. Those that survive this tour are rewarded with lands and wealth, many then becoming rulers, generals and members of Malekith's court. Some Dark Elves choose to remain as Black Guard beyond the 200 years, of these the twenty greatest are the Tower Masters.

A status of rivalry exists between the twenty towers; annually, during the Season of Blood, the tower masters host a tournament, the winning Tower dominates the force for that year. Life at these institutions is brutal and it is not unheard of that half of a given round of recruits perishes before their graduation.
 And a family picture with some other High Elves groups.
 The Swordmasters of Hoeth & the Maiden Guard.

Painted so far : 54


  1. Wow Mario. Wow. Much respect on what you have accomplished for this army.

    1. Thank you very much ! This is only half of the High Elves forces.

  2. What a fantastic forces!
    beautiful elves work:)


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