Sunday, June 30, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 295th edition !

Sorry , but due to heatwave no paint table 295 !

I haven't painted anything this week , so paint table 295 is the same as 294 !

See you next week ... with  more mini's & lower temperatures !

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 294th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 294th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 294 !

As usual I start with the finished painted models of this week.
Those are also the new projects of this week.

 Bringing the total on 141 finished models so far. Well on my way to reach my goal of 21 miniatures per month or 252 models this year. But if I can keep up this pace of painting , I might reach the 300 models marker for the first time.  Only time will tell...

So no new projects , as they were the finished ones.

On to the WIP ones...
Here are my 3 paint tables...
 No progress on 1 & 3 ( 1 being the oldest en 3 the newest )
But lots of progress on paint table 2. The Goblins are no longer black , the Squigs not all White anymore & Mologs Mob a bit more colorful. Almost all models are done , just final highlighting and basing needed.

That's it for this weeks paint table , see you all next week !

Dwarfs : Scenery : Dwarf Command post & Defense line finished !

I finished some Dwarfs scenery. 
I worked on 2 Command posts and a Defense line from Mini Monsters.

The Dwarf Fortress is also from Mini Monsters and painted at a previously time.
Painted in 2019 : 141

High Elves : Scenery : Temple & Portal finished !

I finished some High Elves Scenery.
I worked on a Temple and Portal , both from Mini Monsters.
Both Temple & Portal are painted with Apothecary White Contrast paint over a Gorax White base. Nothing else. In my opinion Apothecary White is the best color in the whole Contrast batch.

I decorated them with gems to match the already existing scenery. The Obelisks are also from Mini Monsters and painted at a previously time.
Painted in 2019 : 136

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 293th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 293th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 293 !

As usual I'll start with the finished projects of this week.
Also as usual , I always hope on more finished models.... and that got me thinking...

But first , my first steps with Contrast paints.
Yesterday I posted some findings on contrast paint.
And today I'm going to add some more findings...
Color test 2 : In the pictures above I used different primers. From left to right : Gorax white , Gorax white with White Scar highlights drybrushed , Grey Seer and Wraithbone.
And here in the same order , all in the same contrast paint :Warp Lightning. The best result for me is the second one : Gorax White drybrushed with White Scar.
Test 3 : Some Abyssal Succubi from Manic Games.
The figure on the right is just contrast paint (Flesh Tearers Red ) and the figure on the left is the next step , drybrushed with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

WARNING ! Contrast paints are not a faster nor better way to paint miniatures. It does not mean you can't win some time , but it will not save you hours. ( Some claim to paint a miniature in 4 to 6 minutes = Bull-crap ! ! ! ) It's another way of painting that will level up like any other skill or technique you use to paint miniatures.
Second : Contrast paints leave white spots in cracks and other places and it needs to be corrected to get a good result. So far I only had white spots with the red and purple contrast paint. With the purple one to be the worst ( picture below ) , but a positive side : When careful , you can't see the corrections. 
On the left some Basilea troops from Mantic Games in Purple contrast paint ( Shyish purple ) , dry-brushed with Phoenician Purple and Genestealer Purple. You can see the white spots that need to be corrected.
And on the other pictures I started on a Seraphon Warrior. I tested another contrast paint on its skin : Creed Camo. Then drybrushed with Elysian green and some scale highlights with Moot Green and Warpstone Glow. The drum is also a contrast paint : Aggaros Dunes.
That's all for that subject for now...

Back to my ever growing want to paint more miniatures...
First off , I changed my paint table setting again. I moved all GW paint to the table ( including the new ones / all 66 ).
And I got a second Räskog for the rest of my paints from Armypainter , Vallejo , Scale75 and Green Stuff World.
I can hear you say , that will not increase your painting numbers. Perhaps , but it's not all I came up with...
A second idea , instead of one paint table ... I created 3 paint tables ( with protection box , warding off hairs from the doggy's )
 Now I can work on 3 x the miniatures as before... and when I don't feel one paint table , I just swap them and continue painting on another one.
3         2
1 - Paint Table Saturday 291th edition.
2 - Second half of Paint Table Saturday 292th edition.
3 - Today's paint table.
So now we've come to the end of this edition of Paint Table Saturday.
See you all next week !
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