Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Avatars of War : Borg Ironfist finished !

 Avatars of War : Borg Ironfist !
He's painted in the same color-scheme as my Dwarf Beserkers also from Avatars of War.
You ! Yes , You ... Your next ! ! !
 I really love the Avatars of War Dwarfs as they have so much character.
And so much fun to paint ! With an awesome result !
Here are some pictures of my other Avatars of War projects that are painted :
Also new reviews of AVATAR of WAR will be posted in a few days ( depends on my free time to paint ). Their newest miniatures : The Cirlean Imperial Wizard , The Knight of Drumminor. And Their Dwarf Master Gunner !

Painted : 229 / 250


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