Wednesday, February 26, 2014

40k Ork Nobz finished !

Yesterday i finished the last Ork Nob of a group of 5.
Here are some pictures of the last Nob , the 2 i painted a few years ago & a group picture :

Painted : 22 / 125

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

40k Ork Nob

Yesterday i finished the second Ork Nob.
Here are some pictures :

Painted : 21 / 125

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 16th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 16th edition ! 

I know i'm a bit late, but i was planning on not participating this week. My wife Sofie convinced me to join anyway !

The last 2 paint table saturday's i started something & couldn't finish the miniatures.
The perry's because i lost interest , the Tau bomber because of a series of bad luck ( I had to strip down the paint because the wash i applied was so ugly i could not bear the sight. So that is now drying and waiting until i'm prepared to try again.)

Now for this paint table i was able to finish a miniature. The first in 3 weeks. Because of problems out of my ( ours ) control i felt very bad & this affected my painting and everything went wrong... 
So i thought to get back to my 40k Orks. On the paint table you see 3 Ork Nobz. 1 finished , the rest not yet ...

 Painted : 20 / 125

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Paint table Saturday 15th edition !

Paint table Saturday 15th edition !

Last week i was working on some Perry French Infantry miniatures.
 I lost interest in them and started on the Tau flyer : Sun Shark Bomber. 
I assembled it as far as i could so i can still reach everything to paint it.
Base-coated it white then the first color yellow. Both by airbrush.  

I do not know when or if i continue because i am not in the right state of mind at the moment.
Other problems on my mind ... 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Historical scenery with commander finished !

Yesterday i worked on this project & finished it.
I had quiet some fun with it. Normally i don't like making scenery much. But this time it almost made itself. 
I used a tree, used a bush from my wife (follow the link for the tutorial on her site), flowers, tall grass, small grass, texture paint,...

The commander is not glued to the base. 
Before painting i pushed the miniatures base in the foam base.
Now it fits in there & stays removable.

I've painted the tent in the French colors. washed it with black & dry-brushed with white.
The base i used 2 colors of brown added some texture paint & washed it with brown & dry-brushed the texture. Added the greens, et voila ! 
Fin !

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Historical Scenery with commander

Today i'm working on some scenery for my historical mini's.
I'm working on a French army, so i thought to do some scenery.
I got a miniature at Crisis 2013 that i could use for a commander (colonel,general).
I painted this miniature already :

I found it great fun to paint him. Although he is of metal & i don't like metal.
So for the scenery part i'm planning to use a tent, that i bought at Crisis 2013,

some trees (but i'm still figuring out witch ones i want to use ...),
and some other stuff like grass , rocks , flowers , mushrooms , whatever i like....

Painted : 19 / 125

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 13th edition !

It's Paint table Saturday time again ! 13th edition !

Today i finished my 4 Eldar Wraightguard !
So the group of 5 is finished. They would be finished sooner but i had trouble with one of those guys.
I had to pick a new weapon & paint it all over again, because the one i first painted didn't fit properly on the miniature.
I'm very lucky that my lovely wife can calm me down sometimes.
I got very frustrated with the miniature and almost killed it. (squash it with my fists)
So thanks to my wife here they are !

 So my paint table is empty. Ready for a new project.

I also want to welcome a new follower :

Wargame News and Terrain from

Painted : 18 / 125
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