Saturday, November 29, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 56th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 56th edition !

This week I started the beer room Dwarves. It's been a heck tick week but I was able to prime and paint the faces and beards of the Dwarves.

Little progress, but a beginning is made ...

Have a great weekend !

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 55th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 55th edition !
Now on the new location!
Paint table front view
Paint table back view
Paint table top view 
My display cabinets for inspiration
Hello everyone !
The move is almost finished !
The paint table is 95% finished. Only a few tweaks are necessary.
Almost all my painting stuff is now placed together for max efficiency.
I hope to finish the move in the coming week and maybe find some time to paint again.

I hope you had a great weekend !

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 54th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 54th edition !

As you can see no paint table at all at this moment. Everything is in boxes and pieces at the new location as we are in the process of moving. There are still some things left to move ( some boxes and furniture ) and I hope I can quickly rebuild at the new location so I can show something at the next paint table. 

I hope you have a great weekend !

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dwarf Beer room WIP

I made some time to convert some Dwarfs to fill up the Beer room.
2 Dwarves with some beer jugs. One who found that he was not content with only a few jugs. So he took a barrel. And as 4th the musician, who takes the time for a tune instead of drinking. But not for long of course...

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 53th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 53th edition !

Not much happening on the paint table. I finished the Dwarf beer room. But the Dwarves & the little details are still missing. I'm going to put at least 2 ( drinking / drunk ) dwarves in the beer room and some details. 
( glasses , bottles , abandoned weapons & shields , etc...)

I hope you have a great weekend !

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crisis 2014 report.

Due to moving a late Crisis report.

 Our local gaming club ( Golden Goblins ) project : Freebooters fate

It was a great and very tiring day. 
We saw many wonderful things and spoke to some very nice people from blog world ( Peter from Peters Cave and more ...) and beyond.
But as usual it was too crowded for me, with too many people who didn't give you the opportunity to see anything or get anything. It was only in the last few hours that I managed to get some of the items on my list. Don't get me wrong, I did buy some very nice things before that time. But it was only by chance and quick deciding and handling that I obtained these items, as I was pushed away from the stands with even a struggle to pay for the things I did manage to gather.

Sorry for the low amount of pictures.
These were the things I managed to shoot before I lost my temper and will to make more pictures.
( At that stage I wanted to use my camera as a sling weapon. So I wisely put the camera away for my but foremost everyone elses safety. No casualties were made except on the gaming boards.)

More pictures can be found at :
Peters Cave :
Monty's Caravan :
Brückenkopf :

And here are some pictures from the items I did manage to get ( loot ):

Bases & trays
From the very nice people of Prodos Games the Bauhaus starter set & juggernauts  
 Reapers Alastriel , Elf Sorceress
 From the very nice fellows of Black Scorpion : Dwarf Juggernaught
From Perry miniatures : FN130 Plastic French Napoleonic Line Dragoons ( 13 mounted, 8 dismounted )
 From Scibor : Moscal general & Elven gate
 From the very nice people of More Terrain : Beautiful terrain that I can't possibly make ( the tree I'm going to try to reproduce in some way or form )
And some magnetic sheets from the same stand as the bases and trays ...

 And the very nice stuff that was gifted to everyone as we entered Crisis 2014

The End
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