Thursday, January 31, 2019

Super Dungeon Explore : Twilight Knight finished !

 I finished the Twilight Knight for the Super Dungeon Explore game.
This is the last miniature for Januari and brings the model count on 42. A full month ahead !

Painted in 2019 : 42

Malign Sorcery : All Endless Spells finished !

Burning Head
Pair of Geminids of Uhl-Ghysh
 Malevolent Maelstrom & Emerald Lifeswarm 
 Set of Chronomantic Cogs
 Set of Soulsnare Shackles
 I finished the second half of the Malign Sorcery box. The complete box is now finished !

Painted in 2019 : 41

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 273th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 273th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 273 !

Lets begin with the finished project(s) !
And I started some more projects today...
 The rest of the Endless Spells of the Malign Sorcery box and Sarah Kilmister from Scale 75.
 9 Sisters of Battle and more progress on the Loonking & Idols of Mork.
 And last but not least , the Twilight Knight for Super Dungeon Explore.

I hoped to do more this week , but as always life got in between...

Also I won a Gift Voucher of 25 euro's at Bargain Games ! (Facebook-page)
It's the first time I won anything on Facebook ! Thank you very much to the people of Bargain Games !
I already claimed my voucher and bought me a Triarch Stalker !
If you like to find a bargain go to Bargain Games !

That's it for this week !
See you all next week for a new edition !

Malign Sorcery : 5 Endless Spells finished !

I finished 5 Endless Spells this week from the Malign Sorcery box.

Aethervoid Pendulun
Quicksilver Swords
The Suffocating Gravetide
Prismatic Palisade
Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws
Painted in 2019 : 32

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 272th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 272th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 272 !

Let's start with the finished models since last time !
 On Sunday : The idol of Mork.
And on Wednesday : Necron warriors.
Goal reached for Januari ( paint at least 21 miniatures and the month still isn't over / current total : 27 so far...)

And these are the current projects... ( All started today )
 The bigger spells of the Malign Sorcery ( in order of appearance ) : The suffocating gravetide , a prismatic palisade , a set of quicksilver swords , Ravenak's gnashing jaws & an aethervoid pendulun.
All in various states of completion...   

And the Idols of Mork... I didn't feel like painting them , but they have some progress. So slowly , but they also will get finished !
And a new model arrived on the paint table : Skragrott the Loonking !

Not much time next week to paint , so we'll see what gets finished !
See you all next week !

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Necrons : Necron warriors finished !

 I finished the rest of the group of  Necron warriors.
 And a picture of the complete group.
I'm on a roll ... already painted more than planned. Now trying to keep this momentum going !

Painted in 2019 : 27
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