Saturday, September 19, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 98th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 98th edition !
On my paint table at this moment are some projects that are on hold. 3 Stormcast eternals , Dwarf Doomcrusher veteran champion and 5 Doomcrushers.
 I'm currently working on reviews for Avatars of war. Their new miniatures : Cirlean Imperial wizard and the Knight of Drumminor. Until they're finished there will be no progress on the rest.
Also I attended a Hobby convention today with my wife at Mechelen ( Belgium ).
She needed lots of things to keep her hobby's going. So we went shopping.
My wife Sofie's loot !
See the whole report at her blog !

I hope you have a great weekend !


  1. Lots of great stuff to keep you busy there.

    1. Yes , lots of work to do ... and not so much time.

  2. Wish I had more hobby conventions where I'm at. Barely any exists for miniature hobbyists as it is.


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