Sunday, November 17, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 315th edition !

Absolutely nothing happened this week on the painting front.
Last weekend was Crisis , normally the highlight of my year. Now , I didn't went & didn't care at all.
All sorts of releases happen & I don't care... or the ones I do care about are to pricey for me.
I've invested to much in this hobby and it's taking it's toll (and life isn't helping... it gets harder every day)
As I reached my goal for this year , I'm taking a time-out. A pity as I would have liked reaching 300 painted models this year.
When I'll be back? I don't know...
Can be with a week... or two.. or more...
We'll see...

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 314th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 314th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 314 !

Not much happened since the previous paint table... 
No finished models this week.
 A bit more progress on the 2 black Ork planes , no progress on the yellow and red one...
Nothing to report further , just that life is flying by and I can't keep up with it.

See you all next week for a new edition of Paint Table Saturday !

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 313th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 313th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 313 !

No finished models this week (2 black Ork flyers are finished , except for the base), due to a little loss of interest in the hobby.
And a chronic lack of time to do the hobby. 
 4 New planes got on to the paint table , as the other 2 black Ork flyers (Paint Table Saturday 312) are finished (except for the bases). You can see them as soon as the bases get finished.
The 4 new Ork flyers are about 50% done. The Belgian flag colors are not intentional , it just happened.

That's it for this weeks paint table.
No improvements of painting time in the next couple of weeks as work & life devours all time.... 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 312th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 312th edition !
Welcome to paint table 312 ! 
Paint Table Saturday 6th year birthday.

And what a week it was... but not on the painting front unfortunately.
No painting happened this week until today. I had a 'fun' episode of kidney-stones this week. Everybody who has had those knows of the 'fun' I mean.
Long story short , all the plans I had for the 6th birthday of the paint table went nowhere.
So , no finished models this week.  

Paint table at the moment...
 I worked on 2 Ork flyers today for Aeronautica Imperialis.
A Dakkajet and a Bomber. The Dakkajet is finished except for the base.
Another black red white color-scheme...

So that's it for this weeks paint table.
On to the next birthday !

On a side note , during the mandatory resting I rekindled my interest in LEGO & started a new blog about it : Building bricks with Mario.
Follow the link if you're interested.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 311th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 311th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 311 !

I'll start , as usual , with the finished models of this week.

40K : Ork Boyz :
Warcry : Iron Golems :
No other models got finished this week. But 14 models is not bad for a week.

Paint table & new projects started this week.
It's still Orktober , so I cleared all not Ork projects and added some new ones.
The last scrap-pile of the Speed Freaks box , I assembled 4 Ork Bommers and 2 Dakkajets for Aeronautica Imperialis , Wurrgog Prophet and ...
 I started on the Snazzwagon.

That's it for this week. See you all next week for another Paint Table Saturday !
Next week : 6 years Paint Table Saturday (312)!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Warcry : Iron Golems finished !

 I finished my warband for Warcry : The Iron Golems.
I based them on half-Orks , half human / half Ork. As I have never painted half-Orks before , I chose this warband to try it out. And I like it. Do you? Comments are always welcome.

So my second group for Orktober is finished. All goals reached that I wanted to reach this week and plenty of time left for other projects.
On an other note... I also reached my goal for 2019. Painting 21 miniatures / month ( =252 ) with two and a half month's left to paint. Now my goal is to paint as much as I can and maybe reach 300 for the first time since the start of this blog.

Painted in 2019 : 257

Monday, October 14, 2019

40K Orks : 6 Ork Boyz finished !

 I just finished these 6 Ork Boyz for 40K.
It's been a while since I painted Ork , but these were a joy to paint.
 I also made new pictures from my old Ork Boyz from 2012.
 So 7 years past ... 
Here a comparison picture to see my progress... 
Painted in 2019 : 249
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