Friday, August 16, 2019

Seraphon : 6 Saurus Warriors & 4 Jungle Swarms finished !

 Today I finished my Seraphon that were on the paint table. 6 Saurus warriors & 4 Jungle Swarms.
 Saurus Warriors :
 Jungle Swarms :
Painted in 2019 : 191

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 301th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 301th edition !

Welcome to paint table 301 !

I'll start with the finished projects of this week.

Another good painting week behind me : 12 models finished.
On to the paint tables & new projects.
 First off , I reorganized my paint tables.
I moved the Seraphon to the main paint table to get finished. Hopefully in the next week. 
And added some new projects... Sylvaneth...
...Godsworn Hunt...and...Untamed Beasts from Warcry.
These lizards are going to be redone , as I'm not happy with them now.
 The other paint tables reorganized , but no painting progress. 
That's it for now. See you all next week for a new edition of Paint Table Saturday !

Sylvaneth : 2 Endless Spells finished !

I finished my 2 remaining Endless Spells for my Sylvaneth army. 
2 Gladewyrms !
I don't know why they call them Wyrms as they are more Dragon like.
If they would make a Dragon with this model as example , it would be a glorious model !
I started painting them as Yin & Yang , but ending up adding different accents to break the Yin & Yang effect. But keeping the colors natural...
Another fun project finished , on to the next one !
Painted in 2019 : 181

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Super Dungeon Explore : Forgotten King : 10 Plants finished !

I finished 10 Plants from the Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King box.
They were super fun to paint. And , as you know me by now , very colorful !
Plant-Girls :
Carrot-Carriers :
 Plants :
Painted in 2019 : 179
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