Monday, September 14, 2015

KROMLECH Review : Kri'tho'ann - Herald of Pain and Rocky bases !

Last Thursday I received the Package of Kromlech with the Herald of Pain model and a Rocky Outcrop base.
All was very well packed in plastic and foam. 
 Here is the unpacked model with a great looking rocky base. ( Original model has a plain 25mm round base )
The model is looking fantastic with great details ! 
There was not much surplus to remove and NO mold lines ! 
Easy to glue with parts that fit perfectly !
Then the model was prepped in very little time. Black for the base and white for the model. 
I kept the model in two pieces for easy access while painting.
The Rocky Outcrop base looks fantastic and with a bit of grass it's already finished with an amazing result ! You can add as many or less things as you want. I went for 'less is more' !
I've enjoyed painting this model as it has many details and challenges you to bring your A-game.
And those details make it look awesome !
A great addition to any Chaos army ! Or whatever your idea is ...
I used my Chaos army color-scheme on him.
And lots of blood ...
Kri'tho'ann Herald of PAIN !
So my findings :
1 Price : Very affordable model , only 11,99 Euro's for the Herald and 7,99 for a 3 pack of 50mm Rocky Outcrop bases : 8 / 10
2 Look : Fantastic looking with great and many details ! : 10 / 10
3 Quality of the resin : For me fantastic ! : 10 / 10
4 Cleaning of the model : Almost no surplus, NO mold lines ! ( very fast ) : 11 / 10
5 Painting and time spent painting : 9 / 10
Very satisfying result for every level of painting ! 
6 Shipping : Very fast and perfect packaging : 10 / 10  

Here's the link to their site ! KROMLECH or you can find another link in the left side of this blog.
Just click on their logo to go to the site and CLAIM YOUR OWN !
Also here a look at their new items : Rocky Outcrop bases in various sizes and shapes & Battle dices in different colors & many more great looking things ...
And various conversion bitz to enhance your models !
And a great collection of Orks / Ork bitz
Painted : 228 / 250

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