Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dwarf Giant finished !

I haven't painted much lately but
 today I finished the Dwarf Giant from MOM miniatures.
 Not much to tell about this miniature. Just that it is awesome !
That's a Dwarf you don't wanna mess with.

Painted : 161 / 200

Paint Table Saturday 151th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 151th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 151 !

I've cleared the table and no , not all projects are finished.
The Dwarf Giant is finished and will be seen in the next post.
The Tau flyer , Chaos Archaon on horse & lord are put on ice. They will return when I feel like doing them. This was not their time ...
 New on the table ( from left to right : Sylvaneth Dryad , Tree-revenant & Kurnoth Hunter.
I've assebled them & primed them in Gorax White.
That's it for now.
See the Dwarf Giant in the next post.

I hope you have a great weekend !

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 150th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 150th edition !
Welcome to paint table 150 !

Not much to report with recent events this week. With KMK Scaleworld at Sunday , my birthday on Monday & a little vacation from Tuesday until Saturday there is not much to report on the painting front.
Nothing happened with the Chaos Archaon on horse , the Chaos lord nor the Tau flyer.
I did start a new project : Dwarf Giant from MOM miniatures.
So far I painted the silver and washed it with black.
 That's it for now...
Until the next post !
I hope you had a great weekend !

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dwarf Statues finished !

I've painted these last Sunday. But with going on a well earned vacation for a few days , the're hasn't been any painting done nor picture making of the finished projects.
So this is the project of last Sunday : Dwarf Statues from MOM miniatures !
I've picked them up at KMK Scaleworld in Mol / Belgium.
They where on my wish list for a long time & now I saw them in real life and had to own them. And for only 10 euro for the pair ! 
I've painted them in the usual color-scheme for Dwarf scenery + Turf.
And this is it ...
Painted : 160 / 200

Tomorrow a new ' Paint Table Saturday ' will be posted !
So until next time ! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 149th edition ! ( KMK Scaleworld )

Paint Table Saturday 149th edition !
On tour to KMK Scaleworld at Mol / Belgium !
 This is an annual event with 50 + traders & lots of clubs ( mostly based on world war theme, but fantasy miniatures are increasing ! ) 
 I have only a few pictures of the traders area. They where located in 3 halls. With lots of variation ( terrain/scenery stuff , paints , world war kits and fantasy miniatures ).

And the competition. These are all the entry's for this year.
I didn't enter because of lack of time and obligations elsewhere.
 Lots of beautiful diorama's and painted miniatures !

 And my lovely wife !
We had a great time and didn't leave without some loot !
I've restocked on grasses for basing and bought some beautiful Dwarf statues and Dwarf giant from MOM miniatures.
And I also bought a Vallejo Game air case with all the paints of that range. 

I hope you had a great weekend ! 
I know I did !
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