Friday, February 24, 2017

Chaos warriors - Slaves to Darkness color-scheme finished !

 Finished the first part of the challenge , 12 Chaos warriors painted in the Slaves to Darkness color-scheme.
I love to paint these guys , butt with all projects I do I'm glad there finished !
 As I'm at home with a bad wrist ( from all the heavy lifting at work ) , all I'm able to do is some hobby and watching television.
 All the Chaos warriors I've painted so far.

Painted so far : 24

36 to go for my personal goal and 44 to go for the challenge !


  1. Fantastic work! I love your chaos work!

  2. Any chaos painted updates are great as so few people seem to paint chaos stuff nowadays.

    1. Thanks , I know ... Butt I love Chaos as it is (and can be) so colorful and gruesome at the same time. With their heavy armour and weapons spreading chaos where ever they can.


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