Sunday, April 30, 2017

High Elves Seaguard Archers finished !

 I just finished the bases of the Archers and present to you : High Elves Seaguard Archers !
 They're painted in the Seaguards color-scheme and fit nicely with the rest of the army.
 Here the whole group now. Seaguards in front and the Archers behind them.
 And here a group picture of the Spearmen I last did and the Archers I did ages ago.
 Group photo
That's it for now...
See you at the next post !

Painted so far : 100

Paint Table Saturday 182th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 182th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 182 !
 Little progress on the Daemon from MOM miniatures. The High Elves Seaguard Archers are finished , only the bases need to get done.

 Also made a base for a Chaos miniature with my new texture rolling pins from Green stuff world.
This one is a piece of the Dark Runes rolling pin.
That's it for this weeks paint table. 
See the High Elves Archers finished in the next post.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chaos Daemon W.I.P. (MOM miniatures)

I had a little airbrush session.
And after that session I washed the model. Purple with purple wash and blue with blue wash.
That's it for now...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

10 High Elves Spearmen Finished !

 I finished the first group of High Elves Spearmen today.
 I painted them in the original color-scheme. Pink and White.
 As there was not much to make pink , I went for an all pink shield.
This group consists of only 2 different shield designs. The next group of Spearmen will have more variation of shield designs.

Next up ... Seaguard Archers. ( Old Archers in Seaguard colors )

Painted so far : 90

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 181th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 181th edition !
Welcome to paint table 181 ! 
 Only little progress on the High Elves Spearmen & Archers. Not yet begun on the bunny + rider.
I got distracted by this awesome guy from MOM miniatures ( Kankros Devoramundos ) and the little guy ( Kazar Khan ).
I got my order ( Dwarves , Elves , Chaos , Empire ) this week and couldn't wait to start him ! MOM miniatures has some awesome mini's , be sure to check them out.
And a second order arrived this week from Green Stuff World. Rolling Pins to make your own decorations on bases. I went for the Temple , Runic & Dark Runes rolling pins for starters... but I have a funny feeling it will not be the last ones I'll order ! I had to much fun making these tests !
Temple ; Ideal for Knight themed army's ( Bretonnia , Empire , etc )
Runic : Ideal for Dwarven or Celtic army's 
Dark Runes : Do I need to say it ... it screams CHAOS !

So that's what I did for this week.
See you at the next paint table !

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A sort of paint table ... High Elves W.I.P.

 New project on the horizon...
20 old High Elves Spearmen , 20 old High Elves archers and an Elf on Bunny from Ax Faction.
 10 of each elves mounted on my home made holders. ( pearl tubes (from my lovely wife) filled with colored sand ) The other 20 are for later when these are painted as I only have 22 ish holders.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Age of Sigmar : Archaon the Everchosen finished !

Archaon is the Everchosen, the Three-Eyed King, the Lord of the End Times and the self-proclaimed supreme champion of the four Gods of Chaos who was sent to command the last, and greatest Chaos Invasion during the apocalyptic age known simply as the End Times. Out of all the Everchosen of Chaos who have assailed the world over the ages, Archaon is by far the most ruthless and perhaps the most powerful. He is an individual that shall decide the fate of entire nations, whose sword can lay waste to heroes and armies and whose unbreakable will can break and dominate those of Gods. Archaon is truly the Herald of the Apocalypse, blessed with dreadful artifacts of ancient evil, each one bestowed as a reward for accomplishing impossible trials. In his journey, he received the legendary Six Treasures of Chaos:
The Mark of Chaos: This shows the bearer to be the chosen of all four Chaos Gods. Bestows the Champion with the powers of all Four Chaos Gods.
The Armour of Morkar: Extremely resilient and dark black, this armour was worn by the first Everchosen of Chaos, the greatest warrior of his time. Only the legendary Sigmar had been able to defeat him.
The Eye of Sheerian: When mounted in the Crown of Domination, the Eye grants the bearer potent powers of prophecy and omniscience, allowing Archaon to predict the future itself. It was taken from the hoard of a massive Chaos Dragon known infamously as Flamefang.
Dorghar, Steed of the Apocalypse: A massive, daemonic horse, Dorghar was claimed at the Gates of Chaos, stolen from the palace of the Daemon Lord Agrammon. Larger than any warhorse in existence, this dreadful creature is in itself a mount worthy of a demi-god.
The Slayer of Kings: A huge blade with the raging soul of a captive greater daemon, U'zhul, bound inside it. Archaon took it from the hands of the Father of the Dragon Ogres, giving Archaon a weapon that has drunk the blood of Kings for aeons.
The Crown of Domination: A symbol of absolute authority from all the forces of Chaos. Found in the First Shrine to Chaos at the Worlds Edge Mountains. Archaon learned of its location from Be'lakor. Archaon fought a Bloodthirster (Greater Daemon of Khorne) single-handedly to obtain it.

Upon retrieving the Crown, the daemon prince Be'lakor performed the coronation that made Archaon the Lord of the End Times. As the crown was fully placed, the last spark of Archaon's humanity was finally extinguished, finally accepting the Gods of Chaos to be the true Gods of the Universe. With his quest finally complete, Archaon now set forth upon the World as the Herald of the Apocalypse, a warrior who did the unthinkable and succeeded where hundreds of other Champions had failed. In the climax of the End Times, Archaon had battled the God-King Sigmar and brought about the final end of the Warhammer World.
Close-up's from base...
 And more detailed pictures...
A massive project finished !

Painted so far : 80
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