Monday, November 30, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King : Thundervale Huntress & pet Dragon finished !

The Thundervale Huntress & pet Dragon from Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King finished !
 I really enjoy painting these miniatures , so much that I ordered the first edition of this wonderful game : Super Dungeon Explore !
Get your copy now at a reduced price of 34,95 dollar ( +/- 33 euro ) + an upgrade deck for free ! 
Act fast before this awesome deal disappears ! 
Find it at : Soda Pop Miniatures 
 Painted : 260 / 250
Paint commission total : 12
Grand total painted this year , so far ... 272 miniatures and one month to go !

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 108th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 108th edition !
 Lots going on this weekend. On Friday I delivered the commission miniatures.
On Saturday , we made waffles and flyer-ed for the Mini Kerstmarkt from my wife Sofie. Where she will sell her handmade jewels or follow the link to her shop-site 'Handgemaakt door Sofie' ( Handmade by Sofie ) where you can order a lovely jewel for your wife , daughter , ... any female you want to give a jewel to ... for X-mas or any other occasion.
 And Today I took the time to do some painting. 
I started on the Bear rider , basics and wash on the fur and armour. 
And I started on a hero and her pet from Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King.
She's 90% finished. See her finished in the next post.

I hope you had a great weekend , I know I did !

Artist at work !

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 107th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 107th edition !
 I worked this week on the commission mini's. The 6 Empire dudes are for 80% finished. The Dwarf Lord from the previous post was finished while waiting on washes to dry and worked on a Dwarf conversion ( Doomcrusher Warbear rider ). This is the first one of a group of 5 Doomcrusher Warbear riders. As I found the Scibor version to much money ( +/- 90 euro for 3 warbears + riders ) , I made my own with Avatars of war Doomcrushers and Scibor Warbears ( mega deal at Crisis 2015 - 5 for the price of 1 (25 euro) otherwise I wouldn't have them ! ).
What's your opinion ? 
Like it or not ?
Leave a comment !

I hope you have a great weekend !

Friday, November 20, 2015

Avatars of War : Dwarf Lord with great weapon

Avatars of War :
I'm currently working on some commission miniatures and every time I had to wait on the washes to dry , I've painted on this super fantastic Dwarf miniature ( my opinion ) from Avatars of War.
For me this is THE greatest single Dwarf miniature of Avatars of War !
And I'm very proud to include him in my army.
I've painted him as a King for my army ( White beard )
Again , I love the character these Avatars of War miniatures have , FANTASTIC !
Painted : 258 / 250

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 106th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 106th edition
Today on the paint table : 8 paint commission mini's and a Dwarf Lord ( Avatars of War ).
The 8 commission figures are 6 metal Empire Flagrants and Qesnef & Ogre mage ( Dungeon & Dragons Collector's series classic )
I've prepared the models and primed them.
Next up , painting ... 

Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King Review part 2 ( The miniatures ) : A Squirrels

I've started painting on the miniatures of Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King ! 
I'm going to try to paint some of these fella's every month and so keep adding to the review.
These are painted by airbrush and details by brush.
These are super fun to paint and I had lots of fun with them. ( they almost made me start another group of Forgotten King mini's , but first some commission work ! )
I chose for 2 different , 2 toned color-schemes , just to mix it up a bit.
They're also varnished with matt varnish which adds the shine of the flash.
I did so for playing ( of course ).
 Because of the details you get a great looking miniature.

Get your Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King box at Soda Pop Miniatures or at your local gaming shop ( Oberonn ) and start painting and playing !

Painted : 257 / 250

Age of Sigmar : Lord of Khorne finished !

Yesterday I finished the Lord of Khorne from the Age of Sigmar box.
He's painted in the usual colors for this army.
There're only 10 Bloodreavers left and then this army is painted and the Age of Sigmar box completed !

Painted : 251 / 250

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Age of Sigmar : Lord of Khorne WIP

Since I've started up the paint commission I haven't gotten much time to do some painting of my own.
I've started on the Lord of Khorne whenever I had to wait on washes that had to dry from the Frostgrave Warband. The warband of 4 is finished. Follow the link to the post.
Here are some pics of the WIP :
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