Sunday, August 25, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 303th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 303th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 303 !

I'll start with the finished models of this week.
Nighthaunts : Spirit Hosts
Nighthaunts : Myrmourn Banshees
So a total of 5 models finished this week.

On to the paint tables & new projects.
 This is the main paint table.
All Nighthaunts are finished and they made some room for the Saurus Knights.
 I started with some base colors & wash on the Dino's. And a bit more progress on the Untamed Beasts leader.
No progress or change on all other paint tables.
That's it for this weeks paint table. See you all next week !

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nighthaunts : Myrmourn Banshees finished !

 Today I finished my Myrmourn Banshees for my Nighthaunt army.
 As they are females , I painted them as opposites to the other (male) Nighthaunts.
The males are darker and have rusted metal weapons. The females are light and have shiny new metal weapons and gold-ish armour.
Another project finished. To the next one !
Painted in 2019 : 205

Friday, August 23, 2019

Nighthaunts : Spirit Hosts finished !

A small post about a Spirit Host for my Nighthaunts army.

 This is the first Spirit Host in the Nighthaunts color-scheme. I have 2 other Spirit Hosts finished (finished at a previous time) , but they're painted in the Legion of Nagash army color-scheme.
Painted in 2019 : 201

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

WIP Wednesday 4

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday !
 This WIP Wednesday is all about Dinosaurs ( Seraphon ).
 I've built and collected several Dinosaurs for my Seraphon army. They're not all built yet. I've got a second Troglodon / Carnosaur (left in the back) & a second Bastiladon (second from the right , next to the cold one) to assemble. And 6 Terradon riders (flyers).
I recently added the T-rex and little Triceratops. They're from Wizkids & will be converted to match the others.
I missed the mighty T-rex in this army and as GW does not have that in their range , I will make my own. The Triceratops will be a goods-carrier (gonna saddle him like a donkey , lots of boxes & other stuff). 
Did I mention I love Dinosaurs? When they're all built , I have :
1 T-rex (Wizkids)
2 Troglodon / Carnosaur
2 Bastiladons
3 Stegadons / Triceratops (Wizkids)
8 Cold ones
1 Razordon (Avatars of War)
6 Terradon riders / Ripperdactyl riders
For now...

And this is only one army of the oh so many...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 302th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 302th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 302 !

I'll start with the finished projects of this week. 

On Friday the Seraphon : Saurus Warriors & Jungle Swarms.
 And today the Nighthaunts ...
Those 2 projects add 19 models to the total , that makes 200 models painted in 2019 (so far...).
As far as my painting goal (21 models per month) goes... I have a slight lead... (Models of September are finished & half of October also.) Only 52 models to go to reach the year goal (21 models per month = 252 ) and I'm slightly thinking to raise that number to hopefully reach 300 painted models this year. (Should be doable... 200 in 8 months and 4 months left.)

On to the paint tables & current projects.
The Seraphon got finished and moved of the table & the Nighthaunts took their place & got finished too. More Nighthaunts stormed the table & no progress on the Sylvaneth , Godsworn Hunt & Untamed Beasts.
 The other paint tables : No progress.
That's it for this weeks paint table.
See you all next week !

Nighthaunt : 9 Nighthaunts finished !

I finished 9 Nighthaunts today. 
A Knight of Shrouds , Garkorr Bladegheist Revenant , a Guardian of Souls , Cairn Wraight and 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers.
And the Glaivewraight Stalkers were the last group that needed to be finished to complete the Nighthaunt side of the Age of Sigmar Soul Wars box. 
 The Glaivewraith Stalkers :
 Garkorr Bladegheist Revenant :
 Knight of Shrouds :
 Guardian of Souls :
 Cairn Wraight :
Another project complete , on to the next one...
Painted in 2019 : 200
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