Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dwarf Quarrelers finished !

Yesterday I finished my Dwarf Quarrellers.

Yes I know, it looks like I have a Dwarf addiction at the moment. 
Last year it was Tau.
It took me longer as foreseen but they are finished now !
Here are some pictures : 

Painted : 96 / 125

Like you see, I'm almost at my painting goal of this year.
Only 29 miniatures to go and 7 month's to do it !
Didn't think it would be so easy this year...

Paint Table Saturday 30th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 30th edition ! 

Here is a picture of my paint table & like you see not much happening anymore.
The Dwarf Quarrellers are finished & will be shown in a next post !
I made Freya a redhead like many of my dwarfs. On Grimmy no progress yet.

Have a great Saturday !

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dwarf Quarrellers WIP

Today I worked a bit on the 10 Dwarf Quarrellers. 
Here you see my progress ...

The most of them are almost done ... 
Everybody needs a (cross)bow & some arrow purses. 
The champion needs some paint on the arrow.
The musician need his drum ( needs highlighting ) & his arms ( needs some wash ).
The standardbearer needs his standard finished.
All the basses are done, just needs some wash and drybrushing & some grass/flowers.

No work done on Grimmy & Freya , I did only the skin and some armor. 

Does anyone has a suggestion for Freya's hair. 
Which color should I use ?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 29th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 29th edition !

There is much to see on my table ... 
First I'm still working on Grimm Burloksson. Don't know all the colors yet ...
Second I'm working on 10 Quarrellers. The body's are 90% done, just highlighting.
Third I prepared Freya Fangbreaker from the Reaper Bones collection.
And last but not least, my other creatures from Reaper Bones collection :
From the left Vanja the Fire Giant Queen then Darkrasp, Evil priest then Fire Giant Bodyguard then Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant & a Minotaur.
I'm planning to use the 3 Fire Giants as Titans (Giants) for my Dwarf army. 
They have a Dwarf look & are big eye-catchers. 

Have a great weekend !

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dwarf Warriors 2 Finished !

Today I finished 12 Dwarf warriors from the Battle for skull pass box.
I've converted them to separate them from the other warriors group.
The Color-scheme is the same as usual. The shirts are red like I said Saturday.

Now I have 2 complete sets of Battle for skull pass Dwarfs painted.
Here is a short list of my Dwarf army :
  1.   Dwarf lord Thaine
  2.  2x 12 Warriors
  3.  2x 8 Miners
  4.  2x 10 Thunderers
  5. 10 Hammerers
  6. 6 Beserkers (so far)
  7. 2x Cannon + 3 Crew
  8. Gyrobomber

Painted : 86 / 125

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 28th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 28th edition ! 

I made a bit of progress on my Dwarfs. I've painted the skin & beards. 
And currently I'm working on the armor. Chainmail is done and first green is applied.
They get the usual color-scheme like all my Battle for skull pass Dwarfs. 
And some nice red shirts ( different tone than my other warriors ).

Have a great weekend ! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

With delay Paint Table Saturday 27th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 27th time ! 

A bit late due to a very busy weekend.
I've primed 12 converted warriors with flails & Grimm Burloksson.
Ready to paint ...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Warmachine - Cygnar Charger 2

Yesterday I finished a second Warmachine Cygnar Charger.
I had this miniature for quite a while. I bought it double by mistake and tried to sell it.
After six months no buyers & I decided to paint it. Best decision I could make.
Here is the result : 

Painted : 74 / 125

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reaper - Bones - Orc Sniper

Today I started & finished my first Reaper miniature.
The Orc Sniper.

I got this miniature in the last Miniature Exchange (ME35) on Cool Mini or Not.
Follow the link and learn all about it ! Read the Rules & join for ME36 if you like ! 

 Painted : 73 / 125

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Black Scorpion Dwarf Team Reserves finished !

Today I finished my BLACK SCORPION Dwarf Team Reserves.
It's another group of Dwarf Linemen from Black Scorpion.
I got these and the Dwarf Team from CRISIS 2013. I really like them & can't wait for CRISIS 2014.
I really look forward to go and see & buy (of course) some miniatures that are not common here in Belgium.

I also made reserves for the 2 naked Dwarfs number 5 & 10.
And after those I started back at 1, 2 & 3 because I didn't have Roman 12, 13 & 14.

 Painted : 72 / 125

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