Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Avatars of War : Review : Knight of Drumminor

Avatars of War Review :
A fantastic figure for any human army ( Brettonian , Empire , Chaos , Norsemen , Viking , etc ... )
Straight from the box.
A fantastic detailed miniature with almost no work ( No surplus ) , only assembling the miniature and ready for painting. Very easy to glue with parts that fit perfectly ! Without any odd spaces you have to fill with greenstuff. Just like all Avatars of War miniatures I already had the pleasure of painting.
I don't have pictures of the assembled model in white primer as you can read in my previous review of the Dwarf Master Gunner.
All hail to the King !
A fantastic model to paint ! I had a great time doing so and a great result to show you.
Also lots of details and character like we always see in the miniatures of Avatars of War !  
I painted him as a King for my Bretonnian army. This miniature is a great addition to any human army ! 
Here are some pictures with a comparison to other human models : like Bretonnians and Chaos.
The Knight of Drumminor is a bit bigger than the Bretonnian archers and men at arms or the Chaos marauder. And the same size as a Chaos warrior. 
See the Cirlean Imperial Wizard in the next review of Avatars of War !
 So my findings :
1 Price : Only 11,95 euro for this amazing model : 9 / 10
2 Look : Fantastic looking model with lots of detail and character : 10 / 10
3 Quality : The quality of the metal is great ! No surplus ! : 10 / 10
4 Cleaning of the model : No work ! No surplus ! : 10 / 10
5 Painting and time spent painting : 9 / 10 
Great fun to paint and very satisfying result. A bit more difficult to paint than the Dwarf Master Gunner.
6 Shipping : Very fast and perfect packaging : 10 / 10

This is only one of the great miniatures of Avatars of War !
See them all at Avatars of War !

Painted : 231 / 250


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