Sunday, September 10, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 201th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 201th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 201 !
No progress on painted models , just did some prep & prime work.
 More  Elven Obelisks from MINI MONSTERS.
 High Elves Bolt Thrower bought on Ebay.
High Elves White Lions leader on lion ( Thirdriel from MOM miniatures ).
The weapon is converted with an Halberd from the Phoenix guard box. The original weapon was bent & not to my liking.
 5 More Spearmen to complete a group of 10.
 & 5 More Swordmasters to complete also a group of 10.

That's it for this weeks paint table ! See you at the next one !


  1. Mpre old school elves and one of my favourite bretonian archers unit!

    1. Yes and hopefully they all get some paint soon ! :)

  2. Good stuff! All progress is still progress. I'm about to write up my paint table entry.


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