Friday, September 15, 2017

Fyreslayers : Auric Runesmiter finished !

Also finished a Auric Runesmiter from the Magmadroth box.
I own 2 Magmadroth's currently & they're both finished. Except for the second box 's crew members.
This is the first member from the second box : The Auric Runesmiter. 
I have plans to place him on a stone throne and make him a King for the Fyreslayer army ( holding the key to the Fyreslayers treasure ).
That's why I magnetized him on his base ( no picture at the moment ) for now until this project is finished. 
 And a view of the 2 Auric Runesmiters.
I made the cloaks like the Magmadroth's : Red & Black.
Painted so far : 194


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