Sunday, September 24, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 203th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 203th edition !
Welcome to paint table 203 !
And without the large scenery...
So this week I finished the Fyreslayers & 2 Pox Walkers and I started on some scenery.
As you see the Elven Obelisk's are gone. They're finished and will be seen in the next post.
I also started on the Dwarf tower & pillars. And finally started on an Aetherwing.
 When working on the Dwarf tower & pillars I hit a delay. My grey color was almost empty. But luckily I bought 2 new bottles of the same color 71052 Vallejo model air at Kmk Scaleworld Mol.
The bottles looked darker at the outside , so I did a test on a piece of paper towel.
The light grey (middle) is the (old) almost empty bottle. On the left and right you see the 2 new bottles. Both darker and with a new name but same number (71052). None of the 3 bottles have the same color. So dear Vallejo how am I supposed to continue painting without color-difference? ? ? ? ? (because all my scenery (rocks & stone) is painted with this color) And I'm not buying another bottle hoping the color will match !
So my solution : I used Dawnstone from Citadel ! And now I'm serious disappointed in Vallejo ! ! !
SHAME ! ! !  

This concludes my adventures of this week , see you all next week !


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