Saturday, July 29, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 195th edition part 2 !

 Welcome to paint table 195 part 2 !
This was my paint table this morning about 10 am. All miniatures assembled and primed & placed on a holder when possible. ( Thanks to my lovely wife Sofie , who provided the extra holders. ) In total 60 miniatures of all sizes.
These are the mini's that I assembled after part 1 of the paint table.
3 Stormcast Vanguard-Raptors & 3 Aetherwings , a Legio Custodes squad (5) , 8 Death guard Poxwalkers , a Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone , Death Guard Lord of Contagion & a Death Guard Noxious Blightbringer.
 And base-coated these...
 And my paint table at this point...
 First layer of green + drybrush with lighter green.
 Heavy drybrushed gold on the model and washed.
 And the biggest part of my time went into the Maw-Krusha. 5+ layers on the belly and 5+ layers on the blue.
That's it for this episode of Paint Table Saturday !
See you next week for another episode !
Paint Table Saturday 195th edition part 2


  1. Wooooow! fantastic work, and a lot of beautifull models here!

  2. Does your wife work at a pharmacy?
    Nice WIP shots, the bellyshot of the Maw Krusha is fantastic.

    1. No , but crafting means collecting lots of stuff that can be decorated or ... that's her hobby.
      Thank you very much Wouter ! I'm very pleased with the result.

  3. There is so much potential at your worktable ... looking forward to seeing them done!


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