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Paint Table Saturday 197th edition ! MINI MONSTERS - VOUCHER GIVE-AWAY -20% OFF !

 Paint Table Saturday 197th edition !
Review part 2
Welcome to paint table 197 ! MINI MONSTERS edition !
Review part 2 : The painted models !

A little note of the people of Mini Monsters. Before painting their models , the resin kits should be washed in warm water and soap , then rinse and dry with a paper towel.

I did this for all the models , except for the fences. I wanted to see what would happen if you didn't washed them. I found no problem what so ever to paint them.

As you see , I've painted a lot of miniatures from MINI MONSTERS. Not all of them , but almost.
Let's start with the biggest one : the Dwarf warrior statue.
I've painted him in my usual stone color recipe. And painted some gems. Giant red gems (ruby's / marble) as shoulder pads and Sapphire's for the smaller ones. 
 The Ork Totem :
I kept it  with natural materials as stone , wood , steel & bone.
And some finishing touches of blood !

 Fences , bottles & barrels :
 Mushrooms :
I painted some mushrooms & added them to my Sylvaneth models that were already finished a while back. And it made the bases so much nicer ! What a difference a few mushrooms can make !
I left the other mushrooms partial painted as I don't know where I'll be using them on. Definitely for Sylvaneth and many other nature themed bases !  
 Pumpkins & fruit / vegetables baskets : I have an idea or two to use them on some Sylvaneth.
And the unpainted part , witch I will do at a later time. As I have numerous idea's for them.

And here are some more detail / action pictures of the models !
 The Dwarf warrior statue :
 The (Urruck) Ork totem :
 The fences / barricades :
Mushrooms , pumpkins & baskets :
Bottles :
 And the barrels :
So my final conclusions : 

Price : 9 / 10
Look : 10 / 10
Quality : 20 / 10
Cleaning of the model : 10 / 10
Painting : 10 / 10
They're super fun to paint ! I recommend to follow the instructions of the manufacturer , but even disregarding them will not result in a bad paint-job !
Shipping : 10 / 10  

There are only 2 vouchers to be won ! So leave a comment ( with mentioning you want a voucher ) to win one of the -20 % OFF VOUCHERS of MINI MONSTERS! ! !

Our first winner (of the previous post) is : Da Gobbo Grotto ! Congratulations !

And a Big Thank you to the people from MINI MONSTERS to enable me to give-away these
-20% off vouchers to my audience ! ! !


  1. Fantastic review Mario! That details are realy high quality and looks great:)
    warm regards my friend

    1. Thank you very very much my friend !
      Warm regards !

  2. Wow! I was not paying attention when you posted the first part of the review. I think they have a lot of interesting stuff. The prices seem reasonable, but I'm not sure what shipping to the US would be. Looks like $8.00, not bad. I'll put my name in the hat for a voucher. Thanks.

    1. Congratulations Sean ! Your the second winner of a -20% voucher of Mini Monsters.
      Please send me an email through the contact form and I'll send you your voucher code !

      And yes they have a lot of great stuff ! My favorites are the Dwarf stuff of course. And I'll be ordering the Dwarf tower for my birthday next month ... assuming I get some funds :)

      Again congratulations !

    2. Thanks Mario. Message sent.

    3. You're welcome! Voucher sent ! :)
      Enjoy ! & perhaps share what you bought. I always like to see what other people buy & like.


  3. WOW! They've painted up beautifully, excellent job.
    I love that Dwarf statue - 10/10 for the painting and grass tufts

    1. Thank you very very much my friend !
      It's my favorite too , it almost painted itself :)

  4. Fantastic effect achieved through the giant red gems. And the rest of the stuff looks good too Mario!


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