Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dark Imperium : Death Guards : Lord of Contagion finished !

 Today I finished the Lord of Contagion from the Dark Imperium box.
As usual I didn't follow GW's paint scheme. I followed it for +/- 50% and added or changed colors that made more sense to me. 
My favorite color for the mantle : Purple !
That's another model done for the Death Guards.
Here's the video of GW that helped me a lot with figuring out how to paint things and how I wanted to paint things... Can you see what I did different?
Painted so far : 172


  1. Oh, What a great looking model! Love the colours!

  2. Another spectacular realisation, well done Mario!

  3. Your rust effects look amazing and a fantastic model overall.

  4. Colours look more muted and pastel-like which I think is perfect for the subject matter. Well done!


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