Monday, August 14, 2017

Finished models finally based !

I finished the bases of the models that where finished.
First the Legio Custodes model. I based him on a self-made base with the texture roller (temple) from Green stuff world.

 And the Pox Walkers...
 I chose here for a red-ish ground with Nurgle's rot & swamp turf.

Painted so far : 160


  1. The Legio Custodes and base are brilliant. The colours work great, the base design fits the overall appearance of the miniature really well. Top job

  2. Oh yeees!Excelent work! The gold coloyr is fantastic.

  3. The Legio Custodes model is very very impressive, nicely done Mario!

  4. Great work on the Legio Custodes and the Nurgle trio!!!


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