Monday, August 7, 2017


Today a package arrived from MINI MONSTERS.

MINI MONSTERS is a company that produces terrain pieces, buildings, parts and accessories for various tabletop games from fantasy and science fiction worlds in the scale of 28-30mm (or 1:55-1:60 approximately). All these elements can enrich your table (battlefield) by creating a unique atmosphere and giving great pleasure of playing. Accessories can also be used for conversions and to enhance bases of miniatures / vehicles / monsters / etc...
The package is very well packed ! No harm will come to your order.
 And here's a view of the package.
A most awesomely detailed Dwarf statue I've ever seen.
An Ork totem , fences , mushrooms , bottles , cart wheels (Chaos looking) , baskets with fruit / vegetables and metal barrels ( small & big crushed ones ).

See them all , up close , in the review post ! ( within a day / or two )
To see their full assortment visit their website ! ! 
And 3 Vouchers for 20% off your order ! ! !
Thanks to the great people of MINI MONSTERS ! ! !
Yes , I will be giving away 3 vouchers that will knock of 20% of your order total !

What do you have to do? 
Simple , just leave a comment on this post (and mention you want a voucher) !

1 winner will be drawn for this ( unboxing ) post.
1 winner will be drawn for the review post. ( within a day / or two )
And finally  1 winner will be drawn at Paint Table Saturday 197th edition !

Good luck to you all ! ! !


  1. Fantastic in boxing Mario!
    I'm waiting for mini monster pack too :)

    1. Thank you very much Michał !
      I'm looking forward to see what you're presenting ! Hopefully soon :)

    2. You're welcome. Always love your work mate!

    3. Thank you very very much my friend ! It's much appreciated ! Same here , very big fan of your work !
      Cheers !

  2. Just had a look on the webstore link and there's some nice stuff available. None of it is any use to me, unfortunately, so please don't put me into the draw for the voucher.

    Those Polish stamps look interesting. Not that I'm into stamp collecting, but I like the insect picture.

  3. This company was unknown to me, but they seem to have some very useful things.
    Thanks a lot for the link!

    1. You're welcome Wouter ! That's the whole idea , to show the people what's out there ! Greetings


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