Saturday, August 26, 2017

High Elves : Obelisk finished !

So my order from from MINI MONSTERS came in yesterday ( Very fast +/- 3 work days ). 
I had ordered :
Dwarf tower and in total 4 Dwarf pillars ( 2 packs / 2pcs )
and a (High) Elves Obelisk.

As this is ordered for my birthday in a few weeks , my wife confiscated the content and wrapped it up. She was so kind of letting me have the Elven Obelisk for now !
So here it is !
Doesn't it look awesome !
Painted in my usual (purple) painting scheme for the High Elves army.
 This is a fantastic scenery piece for any Elven army ! And I'm very sure I'll order some more next time I place an order with MINI MONSTERS ! Also I hope they make some more Elven scenery ! Perhaps some buildings ! And more Dwarfs stuff of course !
Painted so far : 173


  1. What a stunning obelisk, excellent job Mario!

  2. They not only look the part, they look great too. Well done Mario!


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