Saturday, July 4, 2015

Age of Sigmar !

Today is the presentation of Games Workshop newest game : Age of Sigmar.
It is also as of today in preorder. And will be in stores on the 11th of July !
Many sites are reporting on this and I wish to add some to the mix. 
 I've spotted a few new miniatures that are not in the starter box Age of Sigmar !
New stormcast eternals archers , helbards and a hero character with Gryphon like beast.
Look for it yourself in the Games Workshop video :
I found these in the video and in the comments of
These will come out in the near future ( I believe ).


  1. Very impressive figures Mario!

    1. I think so too and I think they will do very well despite of the huge cost for the box.

  2. Wow ! Great paint . Compliments .


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