Friday, July 3, 2015

Chaos Marauder Champion finished !

After the Dwarf Quarrelers I started on some Chaos Marauders. I have built 8 so far and primed them black and today I finished the test-model for the colors. This will become a group of 16 , just like the Chaos warriors. These 8 are just standard built with axes and other one hand weapons and shields of course. The other 8 will be with 2-handed weapons that are converted with weapons of the Marauder horsemen box. The model is also magnetized like the Chaos warriors.
So here is the finished model : Marauder Champion
This was a start to increase my Chaos army , because they're about to grow with the arrival of the new starter-set : Age of Sigmar ! ( My copy is already ordered ! )

Painted : 169 / 210 

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