Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dwarf Girl with axe ( Princess Leia look alike ) finished !

Today I finished a Spellcrow miniature : female Halfling with axe ( Leia look alike from Umbra Turris game).
I use her as a Dwarf girl. I don't see why not.
I've got 2 more of these and other female mini's from Spellcrow to add to my Dwarf army.
Look for them in the near future...
I'm not good at all at faces , especially when they are so tiny. But maybe I'll get the hang of it some day.
And finally the Dwarf women so far...( sorry for the blurry picture, but the camera is almost dead )
Vanja (back) , Leia (left) and Freja (right)

Painted : 113 / 150


  1. Nicely painted Mario, and I've never seen a halfling with a big axe... So she really must be a Dwarf! :)

    I've just checked out Spellcrow Miniatures (a company I hadn't heard of before) and they have some nice models.

  2. Thank you very much Roy ! My thoughts exactly :) !
    Yes indeed Spellcrow has very nice models and some of them will be painted and shown here at some point. All to join my Dwarf army!

  3. Don't be to hard on yourself Mario! She looks just fine! And the other two to! ;-)


    1. Thank you very much Peter !

  4. Leia looks cute with those buns and is well painted!


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