Saturday, July 11, 2015

Paint Table saturday 88th edition ! & Hobbytafel zaterdag 1 !

Paint Table Saturday 88th edition !
 Like I said in the previous post , I started on the Age of Sigmar box.
Prepared 5 Liberators & primed them. Also built the Lord-celestant. I've kept him in 2 pieces : the beast & the rider for better access for painting.
 I'm gonna make some more before I start painting. So stay tuned for more ...

Also my wife has created a new initiative called 'Hobbytafel zaterdag' ( dutch for Crafting table Saturday and for who do not speak dutch , there's a translator on the site ) where anyone can show they're hobby , crafting , painting , doesn't matter what it is and share it with each other. She also created a community on google + just like she did for Paint Table Saturday ! So check it out and join , tell it to all you know and have fun with crafting and ... 

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