Sunday, February 10, 2019

SCALE 75 : Sarah Kilmister finished !

As you could see at Paint Table Saturday 275 , Sarah Kilmister is finished !
She is the first bust that I've painted. All comments or tips are welcome to improve my painting skills.
 She is from Scale 75 from the Naughty gears line.
It wasn't easy + I dogged a bullet as a clogged painting flask exploded and paint flew everywhere. Only one drop got on her hair and was quickly removed.
Painted in 2019 : 45


  1. Glad to see you working on busts now as they are more my thing. That are large figurines. :)

    1. I have a few lying around here to paint. Maybe soon ...

    2. Good for you.
      And here's a typo correction to my nonsensical sentence=>
      *That are ... should be ... That and. :)


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