Saturday, June 8, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 292th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 292th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 292 !

First of the finished models of this week.
The one and only finished model : Avatars of War Dwarf King Statue :
No progress on the current projects : High Elves Teclis & Witch Elves.
 I started on some other miniatures as I didn't feel the others...
Moon-Clan Night-Goblins ( Gloomspite Gitz ) 10 Night-Goblins with bows & Mollog's mob.
That's it for paint table 292 !
See you all next Saturday !


  1. I admire your consistency in churning out the painted minis. It's something I aspire to. I myself need to be more consistent in my work output.

    1. Oohh It's not like I should like it to be... The past few weeks are poor ( miniature wise , only 2 painted ) , but who is happy with their productivity? You always think on the ones that aren't done.
      My advice : Be happy with whatever you do ( paint much / little ) and have lots of fun doing it !
      Thank you for your comment Kuan !


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