Sunday, June 16, 2019

Citadel : Contrast paint findings ...

Everybody is in the hype of contrast paints lately.
Today I bought them in my local gaming store : Oberonn.
I bought them together with the new base & layer paint.
And they're quite a pricey investment : Contrast paint 6,30 euro / pot x 34 colors (18ml), new Base paints 3,6 euro / pot x 16 colors (12ml) and new Layer paints 3,6 euro / pot x 16 colors (12ml).

This hobby isn't for the poor... and keeps on getting more and more expensive.
But I hope they will do what they're supposed to do... Get things painted faster or/and maybe reach a higher paint level.

Below you see the Contrast paints all sorted by color and witch spray-can used courtesy of Warhammer Chelmsford.
 And here my contribution and test of the Contrast paints.
From top left to right (Base of Gorax White) :
Line 1 : Apothecary White , Talassar Blue , Ultramarine Blue and Militarum Green.
Line 2 : Iyanden Yellow , Shyish Purple , Leviadon Blue , Creed Camo and Black Temlar.
Line 3 : Nazdreg Yellow , Magos Purple , Aethermatic Blue , Dark Angels Green and Wyldwood.
Line 4 : Skeleton Horde , Volupus Pink , Terradon Turquoise , Akhelian Green and Cygor Brown.
Line 5 : Gryph-Hound Orange , Flesh Tearers Red , Plaguebearer Flesh , Space Wolves Grey and Gore Grunta Fur.
Line 6 : Fyreslayer Flesh , Blood Angels Red , Warp Lightning , Gryph-Charger Grey and Snakebite Leather.
Final line : Guilliman Flesh , Darkaoth Flesh , Ork Flesh , Basilicanum Grey and Aggaros Dunes.

My findings :
1 They have some very nice colors and the contrast effect looks nice on the test. I'll have to wait and see if it still looks good on a miniature.
2 They're very pricey.
3 A few colors look 90 % the same. (Example : Fyreslayer Flesh & Guilliman Flesh)

Overall I think they will be worth their investment.
But never the less ALL products of this hobby should reduce their prices ! ! !
Or this will become a rich mans hobby...
If it isn't already...


  1. Interesting. So if I understand correctly, are they supposed to be used like washes over a light basecoat color?

    1. Yes , but for me they are more like heavy glaze as they color everything. But when thinning it with medium , it has lots of potential ( I think ). But that's for the experimenters to discover... And I'll report on it as soon as I tried it.

  2. I've been following the whole contrast hype for a while now and I'm still unsure whether or not I should expand my range of paints even further.
    I'm curious to hear what your findings are going to be.
    From what I've seen so far there are some really good colours (mostly the darker ones) and some that are barely worth it (some of the lighter ones).

    1. My findings so far : It's not miracle paint like they all claim it to be. It's a different way to paint , with a nice result. But not faster. ( At least not the things I tried so far... ) But I'm still experimenting and that will go on for quite a while before mastering this new paint. ( Also my hobby time is limited , so it may take a while...)
      And I will keep posting my findings on here...


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