Sunday, November 26, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 212th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 212th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 212 !
 Another week has past and what are the fruits of my labor? 
As you can see I've managed to finish the 5 Witch Elves. ( will be seen in the next post )
And here are the 5 new ones I'm working on... 4 Legio Custodes & High Elves White Lions Captain Korhil.
Legio Custodes bases in gold + wash. First model (left) is highlighted with gold.
White Lions Captain primed in white.

That's it for this week ...
More progress in the next Paint Table Saturday & the finished Witch Elves in the next post !
Until next week ! 


  1. I've always had problems with laying down a good gold paint layer.
    Your painting of gold armor here looks great! :)

  2. Oh, will be great! And one of my favourite HE character!

  3. Impressive job on the gold color...


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