Thursday, November 16, 2017

High Elves : 5 Spearmen finished !

I finished these 5 High Elves Spearmen today. Together with their 5 brothers they form another group of 10 Spearmen.
I love these old spearmen. Especially their shields. My favorite : The horse ! And yours ?
 And here united with their brothers :
Painted so far : 218


  1. My favourite was always the shield with the sword and heart, when I used to have some of those spearmen. The miniatures still look good considering the sculpt is over 20 years old - I really like the large spear blades on them.

    They've painted up really well.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Roy ! All shield designs are great and everyone has it's favorite. Thanks for sharing yours !
      I really love these spearmen. I have the newer ones to , but for some reason they stay in their box. :)

  2. Oh, yeees! one of my favourite WFB unit ever- these shields!

  3. No favourite for me, but the all together are splendid...very impressive!

  4. A classic look on a group of classic miniatures. Great job Mario!


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