Saturday, March 26, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 125th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 125th edition !
Welcome to paint table 125 !
 Today on my table a Stormcast eternal Knight-Vexillor , Exalted Deathbringer and Frostgrave Apothecary & Marksman , a dog and 6 tokens ( Frostgrave commission )
The dog and 6 tokens already left the table before taking pictures & can be seen on my Paint Service blog ! Follow the link to the post.
Basic colors and wash applied to the Knight-Vexillor ( Gold + Reikland fleshshade wash ).
On the Exalted Deathbringer I airbrushed the skin + wash. Further basic colors and wash for the metals , Armour & bone  
No progress yet on the Space Crusaders : Crusaders

I hope you have a great weekend !
A very happy Easter to you all !


  1. Looks great Mario! As you know I'm a naughty boy, so when are the ladies ready? :-D


    1. Thanks Peter ! I think it will take a while because I'm not sure of the purple suit. I'm currently thinking of changing it. But I'll try to finish them as soon as possible ... :)


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