Saturday, March 5, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 122th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 122th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 122 !
 I'm currently working on 12 Chaos ( Khorne ) Warriors.
The body's are finished and the rest of the parts are in various state of completion.
No progress on the Everqueen.
And 30 miniatures prepped & ready to paint for the challenge : 10 High Elves Swordmasters , 10 Khorne Bloodreavers & 10 Skaven Clanrats. But it's always possible that other mini's fight their way in front of these ones...
I hope you have a great weekend !


  1. Very nice, Mario! I´d love to see more closeup pics, if possible :) Cheers!

    1. Thank you very much ! I'll make some closeup's when they're finished. I hope that's ok... Greetings

  2. Hola
    gran mesa tienes preparada,con muchas minis
    un saludo


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