Thursday, June 28, 2018

Stormcast Eternals : 3 Aetherwingz finished !

I painted up 3 Aetherwingz for my Stormcast army.
 I"ve painted these together with the female Dwarf a few weeks ago. And I didn't have the time nor energy to take pictures and post them here.

I'm struggling for some time now to paint anything... And this week I got the final blow that totally destroyed all my creativity & drive to paint ( or do anything ).
I'm not going to get further into that ( depressing ) , but I hope to get myself back on track as soon as possible... 

Painted in 2018 : 94


  1. Beautiful bright and vivid colors on show here. I particularly like contrast on the purple and blue feathers you painted.

  2. Hw beautiful, colorful and feeric are they! Splendid...

  3. I like how colourful they are, which is nicely offset by the earth tones on the base. Really nice brushwork!


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