Thursday, June 28, 2018

Female Dwarf warrior finished !

 I finished the first female Dwarf from Atlantis miniatures.
 She is painted in the usual color-scheme of my Dwarf army.
She has a base made with the Runic rolling pin from Green stuff world.
 And here the last 2 pictures , taken without flash.

Painted in 2018 : 91


  1. Nice work Mario. Something you might want to consider is that her pupils could be more rounded and less elongated. Just a thought but nice work regardless. :)

    1. Thank you very much Kuan !
      Yes , I know. In my defence , the eyes are very small & I've never got the eyes better than this. Many times I don't paint them at all , because they're too small (for me).

  2. The base is a perfect fit for her.
    Wonderful brushwork all over.
    As for the eyes, you might try using a fineliner. That has worked great for me in the past.


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