Sunday, June 24, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 242th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 242th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 242 !
Left base-coat & wash , right next step drybrush red. 
 I've started 3 new projects without finishing the others , so far.
2 Bloodthirsters and a Abyssal Chroneas.
I've resprayed one bloodthirster and started over as I didn't like the wingz. ( Paint Table Saturday 236 ) and started simultaneous on the second Bloodthirster. As I was doing lots of reds I dragged the Abyssal Chroneas ( Mantic ) in to be painted as well.
So far the bloodthirsters skin is done ( maybe I'll add a last highlight , not sure yet ) and the fire is done on the Chroneas ( maybe last highlight of white will be added , not sure yet )
And another 2 projects that await completion ...

That's it for this weeks paint table , see you all next week !


  1. Those winged creatures look impressive. You should have closer closeups of them :)


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