Sunday, June 17, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 241th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 241th edition !
Welcome to paint table 241 !
Not much to report , little progress on the Stormcast Eternals Liberators. And no progress on the Dwarf females from Atlantis miniatures.

I'm struggling lately to get anything painted. I'm falling behind on schedule ( 20 mini's / month ) , I'm already 30 miniatures behind. That means I have to catch up. And the way I'm painting now , I'll never catch up. 
I don't know how much time you all have to paint , but lately life is stealing my painting time and there isn't much to begin with.
Also work is draining me and makes me fall asleep during painting time.
How do you all do it? Tips and advise are always welcome !

That's it for this weeks paint table , see you all next week !


  1. Nice job so far my friend!

  2. These certainly look unique, the blue works great with the white and gold.

    Painting goes with ups and downs for me as well. Children, work, chores and family business are getting first priority.
    I usually try to paint in the evenings when my wife has left for her hobbytime.
    Every other minute I got is a bonus.
    While work often drains me of my energy, playing a miniature game gives some back. Giving me a drive to build and paint. It could be useful to work towards a goal. For me, I once pledged I won't be fielding any unpainted minis anymore. So whenever I want to use a miniature I have to get behind the painting table 😊.

  3. Light turquoise is my favourite color so any mini covered in turquoise hues look great imho ^_^


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