Sunday, December 17, 2017

High Elves White Lions characters finished !

 I finished 2 High Elves White Lions characters!
Captain Korhil & Thirdriel from MOM miniatures
 Thirdriel ( MOM miniatures )
 A fantastic miniature from MOM miniatures. I modified it a bit to fit better with my army ( I replaced the weapon , that's all )
 I got this one on E-bay at a way to high price , but now he's finished I think he was worth it.
 Captain Korhil
Painted so far : 232


  1. Awesome looking characters my friend!
    I love the base too :)

  2. Most impressive characters, excellent job...and this lion is truly superb and majestic!

  3. Great work Mario ... on both the lion and the elves! :)


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