Sunday, December 3, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 213th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 213th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 213 !
Not much to report this week... I managed to finish 3 Legio Custodes this week. You can find them in the previous post.
 I'm currently working on the last Legio Custodes. The base is already finished , but not in the picture.
 I also worked on some High Elves White Lions characters. The Hero on Lion is from MOM miniaures (Thirdriel)
And some mini's moved up to the front of the row and will receive some paint soon...
A few Khorne Bloodreavers from the Shadespire box & friar Tuck from the Bretonnian archers set.

That's it for this week ...
See you all next week for another edition of Paint Table Saturday !


  1. The hero on lion is going to look great when finished. I like the colours for the fur and the Elves' hair

    1. Thank you very very much Roy ! I hope so ... I'll do my best :)

  2. Oh a lot of super miniatures incoming!


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