Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Another Urruk bites the dust !

Today I finished my second miniature of this year.
An Urruk Ardboy. (Black Ork)
The Black Orcs are amongst the biggest, meanest, strongest, and most brutal of all the Greenskin races. Named after their darker shade of green, their thick black-colored armor and their horrendously foul odor, the Black Orcs consider themselves the ultimate Greenskin warrior. These beasts are grim and singularly-focused on war, an occupation that they take far more seriously than even others of their own kind. Equipped with some of the best weapons and armor in the tribe, these fierce fighters provide the tribe with a much more reliable source of powerful fighters.

Since they are the best fighters, the Black Orcs receive the lion's share of the loot after battle. Being militaristic and spartan in nature, Black Orcs would find anyway to either improve on their combat skills or to appear bigger or meaner as they possibly can. Due to this air of superiority, most Black Orcs usually band together in their own mobs or warbands that are usually totally independent from the rest of the army.

Painted so far : 2


  1. Fantastic ork! I love a colour armour!

  2. I prefer to be his friend, he looks so strong...Beautiful colors!

    1. Thank you very much Phil ! And yes I also prefer to be his friend. :)


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